Martin Luther King as an Inspirational Leader

Typical history teacher using an historical figure and King is a good figure for a moral figure in lessons.

3 characteristics

  • Communication
    • I examined the speech abilities of famous such as MLK and Charlie Chaplin in order to look for inspiration on the best way to speak and communicate.
    • One of the traits that made MLK a leader to the African American community was his ability to speak and communicate with the people, communication I vital for leadership whether they an authoritarian leader or a conservative one
    • His famous speech I dreamed a dream connected to the people and appealed to the future and their dreams
  • Organisation and co-operative
    • Through the NAACP MLK illustrated his ability to rally and organise. His preparation and hard work displayed and contributed to the respect that people had for him
    • Co-operated with Ed Nixon and Rosa Parks illustrating how he managed to utilise peoples strengths and weaknesses.
  • Motivation & inspiration
    • Motivated people to peaceful protest and the Montgomery bus boycott.
    • Opposing side of Malcolm X, opposed violence. Left a lasting concept.

He Had a Dream!!!